About JobPad

Today the issue of unemployment continues to grab the headlines. The average unemployment duration period is over nine months. Job seekers are struggling to land a job quickly and reduce the time spent in job transition in this difficult, challenging and time consuming job market.

Job search support service providers, such as college career centers or outplacement agencies are in a difficult position to justify their value as the services they offer are not always enough to help a job seeker land a job quickly in this difficult economy. Finally, corporations are looking for alternatives to reduce severance costs in the wake of increased layoffs.

To address these challenges, the comprehensive JobPad Talent Transition Platform was developed. This platform provides the most advanced technologies and integrated services to manage the entire range of talent transition - from planning to coach to reporting. Being an innovative and technology-savvy organization, we strive to help our clients realize operational efficiency; reduce legal risks without compromising on service to their clients.

The company is a privately-owned corporation and is currently in the process of opening offices in different countries to better cover new emerging markets. The company's head office is located in Edison, USA.


Integrates seamlessly with 80% of talent management software, as well as: