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The JobPad Talent Transition Platform empowers transitioning individuals to land a job more quickly. Whether you are a college career center trying to help your students or a business wanting to help displaced employees with job search assistance, the JobPad platform will make the transition easier for your students and employees. Career coaches and corporate administrators can easily manage the talent transition process from preparation to negotiation in a private and controlled environment.

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  • What is Talent Transition Management?

    Talent Transition Management is the process of planning, organizing, executing and measuring to create the best possible transition experience for achieving business goals. It is absolutely essential to transition the talent on good terms as they might end up working for a partner, vendor or your competitor. Le 

  • What is JobPad Talent Transition Platform?

    The JobPad Talent Transition platform provides the most advanced technologies and integrated services to manage the entire range of talent transition - from planning to coach to reporting. JobPad is the only Talent Transition software designed and built for the complex social network based job search. Leading c 


    JobPad's is the only talent transition platform unites technology tools, collective intelligence, education and coaching services. It's the industry's disruptive solution where users plan, organize, automate and tune job search process to significantly reduce time in transition. Our coaches are passionate 

Integrates seamlessly with 80% of talent management software, as well as: