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Colleges & Career Schools

Your college is successful when your students successfully transition into employment. How you help your students transition affects your admissions, retention, alumni engagement, and ultimately your college’s reputation. According to a report by Eduventures, 72% of students stated “career preparation” as very important in their enrollment decision. 

Outplacement Agencies

Being on the front lines of outplacement—working with often-unhappy or shell-shocked individuals is high stress. For everybody involved.


Due to economic challenges, strategy changes are necessary and you may be forced to make the difficult decision to reduce head count. However, you want to provide job search assistance to compensate for laying off employers. As Reduction in Force (RIFs) carries significant risks for your organization,


We’re a work force development agency supporting the unemployed? Can JobPad help us with case management, and secure and attract funding?


Integrates seamlessly with 80% of talent management software, as well as: