JobPad Products

Talent Transition Platform

JobPad Talent Transition Platform empowers transitioning members in your organization to land a job quickly. Whether you are a college career center trying to help your students or a business wants to help a displaced employee with job search assistance, JobPad platform will make the transition easier for you and your clients. 

Job Insight

JobInsight is a widget that provides in-depth information about companies, locations, job titles and job seeker contacts.

Job Clipper

JobClipper is a Firefox add-on lets job seekers capture submitted job applications automatically.

JobPad APIs

Job Boards, Applicant Tracking Systems, off-boarding systems and 3rd party developers use the JobPad Tool Kit to rapidly build feature-rich Talent Transition solutions to meet the specialized needs of their target market.


Integrates seamlessly with 80% of talent management software, as well as: